Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mowata Store

Coming back from Lafayette I got off at the Crowley exit and proceeded up Hwy 13 to the hamlet of Mowata. These day it consists mainly of Bubba Frey's Restaurant and the attached Mowata Store. Mr Frey is a relative of Donald Link and is purported to make the best boudin and stuff around. I did buy some boudin and sausage but as I had plenty to eat in the frig they went into the freezer for another day. I did buy a couple of other things however to snack on. Below is cracklins. They are of course made from pig belly and seasoned with a creole mix. However he follows a golden rule. They are kept hot under a heat lamp so at least they are semi edible and there is a minimal of seasoning My favorite are Breaux Bridge style

Below is some old fashion Head Cheese. No fancy gelatin and upscale meat. This meat was boiled off the hog's head and then the broth reduced. The meat and trinity roughly chopped then added to the reduced broth. When chilled it sets up. Can't buy this in no supermart.

Finally a Cajun pie. Coconut this time my favorite.

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