Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dana Kaye Lunch

Dana Kayes on Nelson Road in the Market Basket Plaza is a plate lunch only place in the former Quiznos. They also serve a couple of short order items ie hamburgers and fried shrimp. The plate lunch lineup has changed a bit but Wednesdays is always pork. She is now doing a bone-in 8-10 oz braised chop with onion gravy. This puppy is plastic fork tender with a medium spicy profile and a great gravy. Fresh chowder peas with bacon and in house creamed corn with a yeast roll fill it out. If you are a person that likes heat hot food this place is for you. It took a solid 10 to 15 minutes for this to cool down to where I did not burn my tongue. The peas had a nice spice kick and the corn was old school using no dairy only the "corn milk". It also had a nice spice level. This lady is from Welsh and if you like SW La country cooking you need to come here.

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