Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Unlike some people I like the food here. I have had only one thing here that I did not care for. It is no doubt somewhat of a tourist trap but I can overlook that. I basically got the same things that I had at Another Broken Egg at half the price and twice the flavor.

First a disappointment when they did not have cafe au lait. However the server brought me coffee and half a glass of milk. As the milk was not hot, I opted to do as my mother did for years. Coffee Milk. As I took sip I brought up the level with the coffee until it ran out

I opted for the Prejean's Napoleon A tower of delicacies - a crisp potato cake sits below a plump crab cake, crowned with a poached egg, drizzled in hollandaise sauce and laced with fresh shrimp & smothered Tasso

That is the description from the web site as is the picture. I forgot my camera and did not feel like going to the car to get it. Prejeans is somewhat of a landmine waiting to happen for a person on crutches. You come in through the bar whose flooring is a slick brick that I have had problems slipping on. On to the food. It was a grit cake rather than a potato cake. The crabcake was tasted like fresh crabmeat (70 percent) with 30 % filler. The egg was perfect with solid whites and runny yolk. The hollandaise had 70-90 shrimp and chopped tasso. Because of the thickness of the hollandaise and the smallness of the two components it more like a sauce than Another Broken Egg. Very delicious and filling and 4 dollars cheaper.

I also ordered a side of grits. Wonderful. Just the way I like it. Thick and creamy with lots of cheese. I buried it in margarine and black pepper and ate like a hog. If given a chance I will definitely return for breakfast. I have now eaten every day part now. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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FLU said...

I also enjoy the food at Prejean's, but the past couple of times I've gone it has been subpar. I like their steaks smothered in etouffee, but felt that their "world-famous" gumbo was somewhat overrated. I plan on returning July 4 weekend to try their Cajun rack of venison.