Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TV Appearance

For those who care to watch me I will be on Sunrise on 7 on Thursday April 30 at the 411 spot which is usually at 6:15.

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ginbou39@hotmail.com said...

Mr. Hebert, I had no idea you were a food critic. I remember you well and was wondering how you have been doing. I used to own a hair salon for 10yrs. and never dreamed I would own a resturant, so excuse my not knowing who you were. My husband and I own Hannah's Seafood. We work hard and don't have enough overflow to advertise like we would like. So, you can imagine our excitment. We can not express enough graditude to you for mentioning us on KPLC. A NEW customer (generated because of the interview on KPLC) told us about it. So we watched online. Again, thank you so much and we look forward to reading about it in the Lagniappe magazine. May God truly bless you. Terrell and Ginger Boudoin