Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blue Duck Dinner

I ate dinner here this week. I had been holding off to make sure they were not just going to do it for a week or two and then stop. Below is the Attakapas Oysters. Oysters grilled on the half shell and topped with Pecorino Romano cheese in a garlic butter sauce. When the oyster were of a nice size they were juicy and pretty good. When they were small the cheese took over and all I tasted was salt. While these are good I prefer Drago's. Theirs are pretty unique. They are grilled over a wood fire so they have a more smoky taste. With less cheese on them the heat crisps the cheese up and far more butter sauce. Still these are nice for what they are

Now this is spectacular. Redfish on the Half Shell. Redfish fillet grilled with the skin/scale side down. Topped with our garlic butter. It was lightly seasoned then put it down on the grill and never turn it. The skin took all the direct heat allowing the flesh to slowly cook. The skin is charred black and inedible but the fillet is moist, flaky and flavorful with the taste of the redfish coming through. With a squeeze of lemon I was not in hog heaven but fish paradise. Worth going to just for this dish.

As a side I got the Creamed Spinach. Baby spinach sauteed with butter, onions, and garlic then they add cream and mascarpone. There is also an anise flavor in there. Traditionally it would be Pernod. Again an excellent dish. Not as heavy as some creamed spinach dishs I've had but full of flavor. You can taste all nuances of the spinach without your tongue being coated with fat. Again a dish I would order again.

Finally Cheesecake. New York style made in house. It was a perfect example of that style in a manageable portion. New York style is a bit dense for my taste and the usual portion size they offer overwhelms me. This was just right. I also perceived bit of lemon rind which gave a perception of lightness and was welcome

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