Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jamie's Deli

Last Friday I went over to Jennings to make sure George and Jamie got a copy of the review. They had already and as with many establishments were happy about it. They insisted on treating me. I allow this kind of thing only one time. I am usually happy to pay my own way. I had eaten crawfish etouffee at Clark's so I asked them to give a sandwich that I could eat for supper. George fixed me up a Jamie Special since I had not got a chance to eat it on an earlier visit. It consists of the sliced Roast Pork with sauteed fresh Spinach, Feta and Provolone cheese.
As you can see below it is a nice substantial sandwich. The mojo pork with it's citrus element melds well with the green taste of the spinach, tartness of the feta and slight smoke of the provolone. I enjoyed it

George is starting a new Thursday special. Basically beans and rice. Each Thursday he do up a different bean. For last week it was Black Beans done Cuban style. He gave a small container so I could sample them. The best black beans I have ever tasted. Full of Caribbean spices and the mojo pork. To me black beans have a natural smoky taste. Between that and the spices I enjoyed it thoroughly

It is a pleasant drive now that the Interstate section at Iowa is finished. I think next time I am getting a George's Special.

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