Friday, April 17, 2009

Pig's Feet

There are no pictures deliberately. As a favor to those who find these parts objectionable they can not stop reading

I had some split feet from my half of the hog. I cooked them in the pressure cooker the other day. I dumped in the feet straight from the freezer. I added a sliced onion, a good portion of Rex dehydrated Trinity with Garlic and a box of beef stock. I then looked in the seasoning cabinet and put in various things. Mainly Big Daddy seasoning. I then added water to cover all. Slapped on the lid and started. With the frozen feet it took a little longer to get to pressure but it was there soon enough. After 50 minutes at pressure and a natural cool down the feet were falling off the bone and quite tasty.

After culling out the bones I refrigerated the rest overnight. I took off the fat cap (saving for other uses) and got to the gelled broth. Heating that up I put some potatoes, creamed corn and carrots along with nuac cham and chipotle puree to taste. After heating a bit back into the frig and I have wonderful soup for this weekend. I really am beginning to love that device. In about an hour and a half I was eating low on the hog and loving it

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