Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Products

Kleinpeter , dairy from Baton Rouge is selling their product in Lake Charles Albertsons. I pick up a pint of this favor. I would have like to have tried Cafe' Au Lait or Sweet Potato PIe (not available in Lake Charles Ryan St store) but they do not package in pints. As you can see they try to use Louisiana products in it. This one was rich vanilla ice cream with a caramal swirl with blotches of cooked sugar and sugar coated pecans. Very little over run. Well worth the price. Their milk is even priceier than Bordens so I did not try it. Here is a link to their site

I love looking for new Zapp's flavors. I had never tried this one. Usually sweet potato chips come with cinammon sugar coating. The light salt suited this one. The chips are very crisp (wish I knew the secret to that) not over cooked and the naturallly sweet flavor played well against the slight saltiness. Here is their website. Beware it takes awhile and has music

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