Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jamie Deli

Jamie’s Deli du Monde
534 North Main St
Jennings, LA
Monday -Saturday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM $1-$14
E-mail from a reader clued me into this hidden gem. I do mean hidden. I passed by it three times at first try. It is in a building that has three stores right across from the Jeff Davis Bank parking lot. Once found it proved excellent. Basically a hole in the wall with limited seating, it is like a polished gem because of its nice clean homey feel, fine food and warm hospitality. Turning out mainly sandwiches and po boys once a month on a Saturday night they offer a prie fixe meal with international flair. This is because of the background of the chef/owner lends him to a multi-ethnic menu (New Orleans, French, Latino, Italian, etc)
I started off with a plain Roast Beef. This must have been like the original Poor Boy. On a Leidenheimer
(New Orleans bread company) loaf they put cheese then ladle on tender beef strips in a thick gravy, a knife and fork type of sandwich). Slow roasted hunk of beef that is pulled then simmered in fantastic gravy made for the drippings. Does not get any beefier or better than this. The other thing I had to have was a “Mojo” pork po boy dressed. Picnic ham soaked in a Cuban Citrus marinade and then slow cooked until tender. Then it is sliced and put on a loaf with cheese, lettuce and tomato, tender, moist and full flavored. I could exist on these two sandwiches for quite awhile and not complain.
Next round I brought some friends. While most got things I had got or was getting one of them went for the Jamie Special. It consisted of the sliced Roast Pork with sauteed Spinach, Feta and Provolone cheese. I did not get a taste (somewhat difficult with sandwiches and think this person wanted all to themselves). However it did look delicious. I opted for the Cuban. Sliced “Mojo” Pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese and sliced dill pickle with mustard smashed together on flat sandwich press. The meats and cheese meld tighter and the bread collapses into a crisp crust with virtually no crumb. This one possessed a good balance of meat to bread. Most ones I have eaten had too much meat.
Last time in was Muffuletta time. In sesame seeded round loaf they started the construction. A layering of Genoa salami, smoked ham, and mortadella repeated twice then a layer of smoked provolone on top of that. Then came the in house olive salad. I really liked this one since it was not just olives. It contained marinated vegetables (carrot, celery, onion, and red bell pepper) cut in the same size as the green olives in tangy and luscious olive oil vinaigrette. It had a bit of crunch. The best muffuletta I have had in awhile. I also got a Lenten special which was baked salmon in lemon herb sauce pressed with cream cheese. Nice salmon flavor and vaguely reminiscent of lox and a smear on a toasted bagel.
I encourage all to go and explore this little place with the big flavors. Well worth the half-hour drive and back.


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