Friday, April 10, 2009

El Tapatio

Had not been here in awhile. I was headed to Kyoto but by the time I got there it was after two thirty. Same warm greeting as usual at this place. While I should be exploring the menu more I usually end up ordering the same things. They do not have an appetizer small enough to feed just one. As usual I go to the a la carte section. I was a bit hungrier than usual so I got three tamales instead of one. These tamales have a thin masa coat with taco meat inside. Then the top it with their red sauce throw more taco meat on top and add cheese. It then goes under the broiler. I consider these the best in town at this point. Let me know if there is better

Next came my favorite here. Cocktel de Cameron. A sweet and spicy gazpacho with a ton of boiled shrimp and avocado slices. They use to present this in a depression era green glass. Now they do in a large martini glass. By the way this is a small which goes for about $5. They had lots of onions and red jalapeno in this one. It starts out with a sweet flavor but the heat slowly creeps up on you. By the time I finish one I am sweating but I am addicted to that sweet heat.
Again nothing on this menu comes out like you expect. It is always better and freshly made. Warning no liquor license but that has never put off people looking for good food. Parking lot always filled up for lunch and dinner

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