Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Daddy's Sports Grill

I took Good Friday off. After finishing up my taxes (yes I usually wait this long to do them) I decided to treat myself to Clark's crawfish etouffee. Closed for Good Friday. I have been trying to go to Nina P for the last couple of weeks. Never seem to hit it right. Closed for Good Friday. Aha Dana Kaye around the corner. Closed for Good Friday. I know O'Charley's would not be closed and they have decent food. However when I got to Sale St. This place popped into my head. I usually go for breakfast but I know they do plate lunches. Plus they had just expanded into the adjoining space so what the heh lets see if they are open. Eureka.

The gumbo of the day was crab and shrimp. I got a cup. Pure heaven. You don't see many commercial gumbo that use whole crab parts. The shrimp and crab were pretty much overcooked but they had given up their goodness for the broth. Dark roux and thin with tons of crab flavor. The rice on the side was excellent. Best gumbo I have had in a long while

The plate lunch was over stuffed. You got a fried catfish strip (light cornmeal crust done just right crispy outside moist interior). A real honest to god in house hush puppy not a pre fab. Had corn kernels and onion in it. Doctored green beans and their fantastic grilled potatoes came as sides. They also had spicy shrimp and rice. I was expecting a dark shrimp stew kinda of thing. What I got was a light sauce with shrimp and green onions. There was a spice in there I did not like and could not put my finger on. So the shrimp did not work for me but the rest of the meal was outstanding and exactly what I was looking for. I peek into the new room. A nice little bandstand with a bar and extra tables and chairs. Decorated in the sports theme.

Also got a small piece of coconut meringue pie. Nice

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