Monday, April 13, 2009

Outback Takeout

This is one of my secret vices. I do this about once a month. There are a number of reasons why

1 They are close to the house
2 You can order on line and with their new software you have all the options presented to you without having to interact with a non knowledgeable or rushed phone person at the restaurant
3 They have curb side pickup
4 In general food is not too bad

Below is one of the best appetizers. I use to get this and Shrimp on the Barbie (this has disappeared from the menu) all the time. At this point the other appetizers do not appeal to me
The luscious sweet shrimp with the coconut crunch and mustard spiked marmalade seem to be a match made in heaven

Shrimp en Fuego Large crispy shrimp, sliced mushrooms and fresh tomatoes in a spicy, creamy sauce. Paired with fresh steamed French green beans. This is a new item. Sorta of like bang bang shrimp. Shrimp is fried (tailless) then tossed in slightly spicy sauce (very creamy). Halfed grape tomatoes and mushrooms are sauteed until just soft with herbs and al dente green beans. The shrimp are sorta ladled into a fried potato skin. This combo really worked for me except the green beans. I rarely like things al dente and this was no exception. The shrimp and tomatoes went well together. Nice flavor profile. Would order this again without the green beans

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