Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yank Sing Again

My baking friend is also a candymaker. She needed to access Sam's for this years candy making and seeing as I have a Sam's card and time to take her we went today. Before we did that we ate lunch at this establishment. There are lots of Chinese places in town but this place does it a little different. Below is the orange beef that I got. Tender strips of beef in a dark soy, slightly sweet and very spicy sauce. Just the combo I like. With a bowl of perfect white rice it really hit the spot after several days of seafood

My baking friend go the General Tso chicken. Chunks of boneless chicken battered and fried in a lighter brown sauce with a nice level of spice served with white rice. My taste proved nice and tender with a good flavor profile. She concurred and ate with gusto.

Consider this out of the ordinary Chinese on Nelson road just south of McNeese St

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