Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pujo St Cafe Wine Dinner

One of the perks of working for the restaurant and being a food critic is that my boss at the restaurant wants my opinion on some of the special menus that we are going to serve. That was the case last night for the upcoming Rouge et Blanc Wine Dinner. Now for the commercial. If this menu interests you the wine dinner is Monday October 13 at 7 PM. Contact us at 439-2054 for reservations, which are mandatory. Now to the fun part.

Below is the bread plate with fresh baked French baguettes.

First course is Oysters Pujo. Oyster rolled in a Pecan-Panko breading then flash fried then topped with a mixture of spinach, tasso, & smoked Gouda cheese. Finally it is baked to melt the cheese. If you eat with us on a regular basis you know how good this is

Next came a cup of Cream of Wild Mushroom soup. It dark broth held deep earthy mushroom flavors with lots of pieces of various mushrooms to add taste and texture to the dish.

The Winter Salad consists of mesclun mix topped with baked caramelized pear strips with toasted walnut served with our House Dressing (red wine poppy seed) on the side. This was a perfect match the sweetness of the pears and nutty crunch of the walnuts went well the tart dressing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The main entree consisted of duck done two ways. First a jerk rubbed and seared duck breast cooked mid rare and then a boneless duck quarter sitting on top of a winter stuffing of cabbage and apples also jerk rubbed and flavored. It was served with an orange gastric sauce. The breast was possibly the best one that I have ever had. The leg quarter and stuffing wasn't too bad either.
Finally a Pumpkin Creme Brulee. If you like pumpkin pie you will love this.

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