Monday, October 6, 2008

Pig Parts

Well last Friday I gave my new pressure cooker a run. I seared the pig tongue with a fair amount of seasoning in lard. Then I added a combination of beef broth (had very little left), chicken broth, and water to cover. Then I added a sliced onion and dehydrated trinity and garlic. Fire it up to pressure and then cooked for 20 minutes. The steam releasing gave the house a marvelous smell. I cooled then sliced the tongue and had sandwiches for lunch. The tongue was only 12 oz so it went in one fell swoop. The afternoon I cooked the rest of the innards in a pot like my mother use to do. Basically kind of pot roasting them with little additions of water then cooking the water out to form a grease gravy. I ate that over mashed potatoes.

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