Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Having the desire to eat raw oysters I ate lunch at the one place I was sure had raw oysters. I started off with a shrimp and crab gumbo. Very tasty with a thin dark rouxed broth. The only drawback is they use "cardboard" or "fake" rice ie Uncle Ben's here. I suffered though it. I will have to remember next time rice on the side and then resort to crackers.

I got a 1/2 dozen raw. They were a bit on the small side but quite juicy and salty which is what I love about the bivalve. The horseradish sauce was lost on me. That is for people that do not like the taste of oysters but want people to think they love raw ones. The lagniappe of the two boiled shrimp was a nice thought.

I got an Old Fashion Hamburger. I love sauteed onions on a burger. The patty was a pre-fab but decent. The bun fell apart. Not the best but not the worst. The fries (peppered fries) were fried just the way I like. Crispy on the outside and potatoey on the inside. The black pepper coating add a little oomph. I generally steer away from fries cause most places do them badly

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Thomas said...

I went to Chastains on your recogmendation when I emailed you once.
I was amazed that they didnt shuck the oysters.
They opened them and served them like that. They didnt cut the oyster away from the shell.I was really surprised in this review that you didnt mention this.
First of all, these people are not coon ass, so dont expect too much. However, I like the Oysters Rockefeller. I make it myself and theirs was pretty good for not being from La.
For Oysters on the half shell, you can only go to Shucks in Abbeville or Don's downtown in Lafayette. They have their own beds and their oysters are #1 in all respects. You just have to drive a long way for them. There has not been a really good oyster bar in L.C. since Captains Table.