Monday, October 20, 2008

Rouge et Blanc Food

Pujo St Cafe "Pickled Shrimp"

La Truffe Sauvage "Smoked Salmon" on a crostini with cream cheese, onion and capers

Chinese King "Tong Cho Chicken"
Louis DeAngelo "Tiramisu"
Brickhouse Catering "Stuffed Duck Breast" with sour apple dressing
Mistake should have been deleted
Vista Grill "Crisp Red Snapper" with fettuccine and focaccia with garlic butter

Country Club "Pork Roulet " with black bean, garlic, and relish stuffing
Cookey's Caterers "Crab Cake with cream chili sauce
Outback Steakhouse "Seared Ahi Tuna and Steak"
Fausto of Iowa "Macque Choux"
Desserts @ L'Auberge "Merlot Gelato"

Blue Duck Cafe "Creole Chili"
Gray Plantation "Seared Salmon and Pot Sticker"
Kinlock Plantation "Shrimp seared in Pecan Oil"
Snake River Grill "Sausage stuffed bacon wrapped oven roasted Dates"

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