Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ritcha's Dinette

Friday's night dinner proved much better than lunch. I meet a couple I know and who love Indian food at this Friday and Saturday night only Indian place. Two of my group who also love Indian were indisposed so could not join us. Again there is nothing fancy about this place. The food is home style Indian served plate lunch style. However it is good. Last night was chicken curry with basmati rice. Spicy chickpeas and potatoes with bell pepper. There was also a potato and pea samosa, papadams, and naan. Now that they having doing it for awhile they have gotten better. They switched naan and the new one is wonderful. The curry was made with bone-in meat which always adds lots of flavor. This curry was heavy on the turmeric but not excessively so and at just the spice level I love. My companions and me scarfed it down then stayed another hour having great conversation. Try this place if you like Indian except do not do it tonight as there is a McNeese game and traffic will be horrific

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