Friday, October 24, 2008

Alfreda's Kitchen

After a long wait this morning to get my blood work done and just about as much time grocery shopping (Krogers on McNeese) because I did not know where everything is there. I usually shop at Krogers on Hwy 14 but it has seriously gone downhill. I now know why. The good manager who made shopping Hwy 14 a pleasure is at McNeese. I digress. It was after 1 PM before I was finished. I wanted something fast and good and not by my hand. So Alfreda's is virtually just around the corner from me and I have had good meals there. This one was not so good. They had seafood gumbo on the board but it turned out to be a rouxless kitchen sink gumbo (crab bodies, wing parts, chicken necks and sausage) served like rice and gravy. Not my favorite way and I do not care to mix seafood with sausage. So I took it for what it was. The flavor was not to bad. The sausage was not so aggressively spiced that it took over. There was lots of bones which I do love sucking and the crab half. The whipped potato potato salad was outstanding, the cornbread so rich it just crumbled and really nice flavored cake. I think it was spice but it had a strong Steens or molasses backnote that caught my taste buds. I did not see the usual cook there and will have to check on it in the future to see if the standards will be kept up

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