Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toga Grill

Been awhile so I swung by to check the quality. Still up to par. Below looks like a scoop of ice cream but it is a falafel covered in spicy yogurt sauce with a slice of tomato, pickle, and pickled radish. Jamal was handing these out Wednesday if he felt you had been waiting awhile for your food. In other words I was not the only one to get this treat and it was a treat.
I ordered the Kefta Kabob plate. Kefta is ground meat traditionally lamb but probably beef here. It seasoned up with spices and vegetables and formed around a flat skewer. Grilled to perfection and taken off for service. Along with these tender and juicy tubes of meat I got Lebanese potatoes, hummus, pickles, taboulleh, and lentil/rice with yogurt sauce. All of it was as I remember. What makes this food standout it is made fresh daily from the owner's family recipes. Somethings might not be made yet just go on to the next thing because it is all good.

A whole pita bread cut in triangles came with the plate
I got a mamul which is a filled cookie. This one was filled with dates. The crust was like a sugar cookie. It was great with my complimentary Turkish coffee.
Jamal also wanted me to taste the baklava. This is the one made with phyllo dough. He makes another one that is a family recipe with semolina flour. The one below was walnut and as good as I have ever had.

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