Thursday, March 25, 2010


A new e-buddy suggested this sandwich from AJ's. He was right it was great. Futzing around the Internet this morning a ran across a Mississippi micro brewery(Lazy Magnolia) and their Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale. I noted that AJ's was listed as serving their products. Just another reason for going there for lunch. I don't work after lunch. Sure enough they had it and I drank it. It was a smooth lightly hopped and malty brew. Easy going down and good with food.
Here is a link to their site

Now comes the sandwich which is called The Shocker. Description on the menu goes like
A grilled marinated chicken breast, hickory smoked ham, applewood smoked bacon, swiss, pickles and honey mustard. My e-buddy suggested adding sauteed onions which I love and I added some pickled jalapenos. For the heat and because I don't like dill pickles and got it without them. I like the vinegar bite but not the dill. The kitchen forgot the jalapenos so the server brought out a dish of them. I was able to put just the right amount to get a nice buzz without killing the taste bud. Like with many good sandwiches the whole exceeded the sum of the parts. Each bite was juicy, smoky, crispy with just that note of heat and vinegar. I loved it
I got the soup of the day but the camera refused to cooperate. I took three pictures and none of them came out. I could not even adjust them electronically. It was a crawfish and corn bisque with a cheesy broth, plumb crawfish, and good shot of spice. Very nice. This is a fine place to get a burger, sandwich or wrap if you are downtown. Not to mention a good beer.

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