Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breakfast Sunday

I could not even begin to name this. It is a mish-mash of things I had hanging around. It looks a train wreck but I can tell you it was delicious. I started off with rendering some bacon slices cut into lardons. I usually have bacon in the freezer in three slice packages. Having no potatoes but having some white corn tortillas I cut about four of them into squares and popped into the skillet on top of the rendered bacon. When crispy I emptied and put in some diced onions that I had chopped from some going bad. Add a little oil and some Morton Hot Salt I sauteed until limp and little caramelized. Those went in on top of the bacon and tortilla squares. Some spiral ham I had frozen from New Year went into the skillet to drive off moisture and brown a bit. That achieved the onions, bacon and tortillas were poured back in. In the mean time I had made a mixture of eggs, nuoc cham, chipotle paste and cajun seasoning. Not enough to make a fritatta but enough to toss around in the mixture to make a sorta of egg enhanced hash. Again if came delicious and I enjoyed it. Probably never repeat it again but this morning it hit the spot

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