Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I like O'Charley's and the reason is below. No not the cotton candy bread that instantaneously goes to a gooey mushy wad of wall paste. By the way not enough butter
Also not particularly the Chicken Harvest soup that in my opinion should be in a nice clear chicken broth instead on enough cream that even I can hear my arteries closing

This is it. A real honest to God French Dip. No cheese, no condiments, no veg. Just meat, soft bread and au jus the way it was meant to be. In my mind you cannot improve on this except maybe a better cut of meat. Also decent onion rings. These beer battered ones were perfect.
They have take away my perfect dessert. A scoop (one) of caramel apple pie ice cream. I love caramel beyond all reason. So I did notice there was a caramel pie on the menu and looked like a relatively small piece. But oh no it came buried under a huge pile of whipped cream, nuts and chocolate bits. Quelle horror. You could not taste the caramel. So after scraping all the c*** off I got to a piece of heaven. I will order this again but hold everything but the caramel pie

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