Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daigle Sausage

Daigle Sausage Kitchen
726 East Russell Ave (Hwy 90)
Welsh, LA

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM $1 to $10

This is now my favorite plate lunch place. Albeit 20 miles away but worth the jaunt. It features good Southwest LA country cooking. They also use ingredients you seldom see elsewhere. It is situated on Hwy 90 south of Welsh on the east side of town. Just a cinderblock building, it’s small but homey dinning area feels like your grandmother's kitchen. After entering go left. A display case features meats and sausage. At the end is where you get the plate lunches. The nice thing about this place is the menu rotates around a bit so you seldom have the same thing on the same day. They post the week’s menu on the website so you know when to come in to get your favorite

One thing they offer every week is Beef Tongue. You get the entree and two sides of your choice. With my tongue I received gravy and rice. I choose red beans and sausage and yams. The tongue was exceedingly tender and beefy with gravy to match. Almost as good as my mother use to make. The sweet potatoes looked to be fresh from the field and the beans and sausage tasty with just the right spice.

Second time in I got Shrimp Casserole, Macaroni Salad and Corn. The shrimp dish proved to be shrimp and rice with good seasoning blend. A little moist for my taste however the great shrimp favor and spiciness made it easy to consume. The corn was a great smother down job. The unusual to me macaroni salad was simply mayonnaise with chopped hard-boiled eggs. Next time it was Bouie or Debris as some call it. A mixture of internal organs my mother made many times. I got smothered okra with tomatoes (another favorite my mother made) and applesauce crunch cake. While for the most part very flavorful some of the pieces of protein were a little large and seemed under cooked. However you could not beat it overall. The tasty okra and the sweet cake made a great meal

The last time in but certainly not the last time I will visit I came for the Shrimp Stew with Egg, potato salad and strawberry cake. Most shrimp stews and gumbo I have encountered will have hard-boiled eggs plopped into them. These people like my mother slide raw eggs in and poach them in the gravy. It was like I was back home in the kitchen enjoying this with my mother puttering around the house. The potato salad was mashed potato style and the cake white with strawberry jelly and cooked down strawberries

Don‘t worry they do normal plate lunches also along with short order items such as hamburger, corn dogs, etc. I also bought boudin, smoked boudin, headcheese, and green onion sausage from them. While the regular boudin is a little mushy for me the smoked proved just right with an intense smoky flavor. The headcheese is the real deal using bits and pieces from a boiled head and the gelatin to set it. Combined with vegetable seasoning and a little spice it reminds me of my beloved aunt’s one she made when they butchered the hog.

While not the most convenient place to go to, if you are in the area give it a try for down home Cajun cooking its best. I know I will frequent it as often as I can

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