Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True Mexican House January

Time to change the daily plate lunch. She faxed me the following

Monday Pozole (Soup made with gauajillo pepper and hominy)
Tuesday Chicken with Poblano Mole (dried peppers, chocolate and different Mexican spices)
Wednesday Beef Fajitas (Beef seasoned with bacon, bell peppers, onions, poblano pepper & Monterey cheese)
Thursday Spicy BBQ Ribs (Check December for a picture of those)
Friday Beef Milanesa (thin beef steak breaded and fried)

Below is the Chicken Mole. Baked leg quarter with the mole over it. This mole is from Pubela. It was slightly sweet, slightly spice, full on flavor. Went very well with the chicken. You also get three corn tortilla. I made tacos with the refried black beans and meat. So good

Her version of Tres Leches. Includes a caramelized milk. Surprisingly not that sweet.

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