Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Store Tamales

These I find at Kroger's. They are pretty good for a frozen microwave product. I basically use them for afternoon snacks and such but today I made a meal out of them. I have seen a couple of other flavors but these were the ones that were at the McNeese store, which by the way is the best of the Kroger's in town in my opinion

Here they are laid out to be microwaved. At the top of the place is the Poblano con Queso (poblano pepper and cheese), next Pollo Y Salsa Roja (chicken with red salsa), next Purco Y Salsa Verde (pork with green salsa) and Tamalito de Elote (sweet corn)

As you can see some masas are flavored. In the corn one it is basically masa with corn mixed in it. It has no core. It is my favorite. The poblano and chicken are very good. The pork seems a bit dry. For a buck and change they are not too bad for a late afternoon snack

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