Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rest of the Blackeyed Peas

Nice thing about beans is that they will keep for awhile and even improve with age. Such was the case with the peas I cooked around new year. Stashed in the back of the frig I got to them last week. The flavor was such I just did a few embellishments and did not even need rice. First bowl was a good dose of hot sauce with lime. The spiciness and vinegar complemented the earthiness of the peas. Put a little spark in them. The vinegar got me thinking so the second bowl I doused with Steen's Cane Vinegar and a touch of fish sauce. The vinegar punched it up and the fish sauce added a unique saltiness. The last portion I stick blended adding beef broth to make a soup consistency. I then finished off with chipotle in adobo puree and nuoc cham. It made for a spicy, smoky, and twangy soup that I ate with biscuits. So ends the story

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