Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kyoto Rolls

I had not been to this place in awhile. I happened to be on this end of Hwy 14 at lunch so I popped in. I have done sushi, bento box and dinner here. This time I wanted to try the rolls. Fortunate it was after 1 and the sushi guy was not busy. So I struck up a conversation asking him what the most popular rolls were and which rolls he considered the best. Below is miso soup

Here is a pot of hot green tea. It was a lot better than one I got previous on a prvious visit. I am thinking not enough water was put in the first one

I must have at least one Nigiri style piece when I go. This is sea bass. Rich and quite mild. Good starting point for a newbie.

Below is one of the popular rolls. Mardi Gras with Cajun style cooked shrimp and crawfish with avocado. The roll is then tempura fried and cut. Then topped with spicy tuna, spicy mayo, cream sauce and eel sauce.

This is one of the best rolls according to the sushi guy there. Summer Beach Escolar tempura and avocado inside. Topped with crazy tuna, snow crab, jalapeno masago (smelt roe), eel sauce and spicy mayo.

I am pretty much a hard core sushi eater. I like fresh as possible raw fish and seafood with good rice. Having said that I do like the super rolls ever once in awhile. These two were great. Next time in I will probably go with sashimi.

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