Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mrs Johnnie's Pies

You might have seen these pies at a convenience store or grocery store. They now have a retail space where they bake them. This is at 720 Alamo just east of a dollar store on the corner of Kirkman and Alamo. Their hours are 11 AM to 4 PM on Wednesday thru Friday. I have been meaning to stop by for awhile. I happen to pass it this Wednesday and went in. All they had at the time was Gingerbread Cake and Sweet Potato Pies. The lady at the counter say they have the full range on stuff on Thursday and Friday. Their dough is not so much dough but cakelike. Slightly sweet and possesses some sweet spices (cinammon, etc) it makes a perfect foil for the their in house sweet potato filling. Next week I will probably stop by on later in the week to see what they have

This is the Gingerbread Cake. I enjoy ginger in any form. This cake is moist with intense ginger and molasses flavors. I loved it. I would assume this is the freshest you can get these things as you do not know how long they have been sitting on the shelf at the stores.


mrstthomas821 said...

I agree...Mrs. Johnnie's has the best pies. I've tried several time to call the # on the package but i can't get through. Would you please post their #. I'm from LC but current live in FtW, TX. I would like to know if they ship orders or would ship an order to me. Thanx, TT

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Sorry I can not find a phone number for them. I will try to go in sometime soon and get back with you.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of the phone number but this is what I have.
Gingerbread House
Company: Gingerbread House
720 Alamo St

Lake Charles, LA 70601-8618

(337) 474-9278

Her gingerbread pies are awesome.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

That is the physical address so the phone no is probably good