Saturday, April 30, 2011

Leornard's 1708 Gertsner Memorial Dr (337) 494-0618

Another BB. This one through the drive thru. I got the seafood combo which consists of fried catfish fillet, fried shrimp, shrimp etouffee, salad and garlic bread. The catfish and shrimp were perfect. The right coatings (cornmeal for fillet and flour for shrimp) and not greasy. I would not call it shrimp etouffee but I would call it delicious. It was more like a creamy shrimp piquant and I would eat it again. In fact I would eat this meal again and again. I now realize that I can get my perfect seafood dinner on my way home and not get out of the car. I just have to remember to call it in.
I got several other things to make the break point on the coupon. They included this great piece of cornbread

These less than perfect boudin balls. The crust was too thick and therefore a bit greasy

And an OK Sweet potato pie. I prefer the sweet potato cake that they have but they were out

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