Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cancun 4001 Ryan Street Lake Charles, LA 70605-2819 (337) 477-6802

Before the arrival of El Tapatio and Rosita's this the only place where you could get anywhere close to Mexican cooking. All the rest of the joints were tex-mex. I have not been in years but a Bargain Bee voucher put them in my sights. I will now give away my age as I know what this building originally housed and I went there a lot. It started out as a Sambo's. Never get away with that name these days

Here is the plastic tub o salsa that they bring you. A not too bad fresh salsa.
White is always a problem when you have to use a flash. Below is there queso dip which is thank god done with white cheese and minced peppers. Very good and lovely with the chips
Below is their version of Coctel de Cameron. They call it shrimp cocktail and you get all the fixings for it. The shrimp is in a sweet sauce and you get a plate of stuff (sorry no pic) to fix to your taste. It contains pico de gallo, avocado slices, and jalapeno slices. You have to ask for hot sauce to bring it to the level of the other places. While it was ok I prefer the version were it is brought to you in stemmed glassware already mixed up.
The real treasure here for me is the carnitas. They still use pork shoulder and not pork loin. The rice was dry as usual but the refried beans were good. The salad made for nice tacos with the meat. This is what I get every time but I noticed some interesting seafood options that I may try on a return visit.

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