Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gravitas & Cullens Houston



807 Taft St Houston TX 713-522-0995

Lunch Monday to Friday 11 AM - 3 PM $2 - $24

I had a lovely meal here. I opted for the Business Lunch in thirty minutes not because I was in a hurry but because it fit my Groupon and I liked what it offered. A galvanized square pail filled with torn bread and a three compartment porcelain dish of olive oil and spice mixture arrived. The bread comes from the owner’s bakery operation. It proved delicious as artisanal bread should. I dipped the bread in the oil then in the dry spices. Whether that was proper way did not concern me. My way was flavorful First course was a Roasted Onion Soup. The roasting brought out the sweetness of the onion. With a little milk to thin it, it made for a nice creamy soup. Thinly sliced fried onion rings garnished the soup. Second course was a Half Wedge Salad with in house ranch dressing and sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese, bacon and tomato. For some reason I love a wedge salad while I turn my nose up at most other salads. I think it is the combination of texture and flavor that leaving the iceberg whole accomplishes. Main course was Beef Cheek braised for eight hours. Served over asparagus and whipped potatoes drowned in the au jus from the braising liquid. What can I say except it was fall apart tender. In my opinion cheek is the best cut on the cow. It exudes beefy flavor. Granted it takes awhile but well worth it. The ending was a bread pudding topped with in house vanilla bean ice cream with butterscotch sauce. I normally do not care for ice cream on dessert but this was small scoop that packed a ton of flavor. The pudding was just milk, eggs, bread and sugar. It proved to be perfect dessert in both taste and size (small). I adored this establishment and will be returning soon for a dinner as I have acquired another Groupon for them.


11500 Space Center Blvd Houston TX


Monday to Sunday 11 AM - 12 AM $3 - $45

This is a high end restaurant in the south of Houston. The dining room is like 60 feet high with a suspended room of some clear substance. If you have the do re me you can book a meal there. A metal bowl filled with parmesan coated crackers and some artisanal bread appeared. I ordered a Charcuterie platter of in house cured meats and pickled vegetables. It consisted of slices of air dried duck breast, pea tendrils, toasted bread, bread and butter pickles, coppa (cured pork shoulder), cipolin onions, paragon cheese, and pickled cauliflower. It was large and the flavor combinations endless. I enjoyed thoroughly especially the duck. Main course was a perfectly cooked fillet of Char with the crispest skin I have ever had. It sat on a sticky rice cake that had been pan sautéed also. It was heaven. I paid little attention to details except to note that the flavors complimented each other perfectly. To finish this perfect meal I got a Crème Brule. Nice crackly crust with an unctuous custard paired with fresh berries The chef here knows his stuff. The staff proved informative and proud of the food. It is certainly a destination. Next time you are in Kemah take a ride east to fine dinning. Cullens

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