Monday, April 25, 2011

Cajun Tales 501 N Adams S tWelsh, LA 70591 (337) 734-4772

This is the meal served at the Louisiana Restaurant Association Southwest Chapter. I do not know if these are on the regular menu but if they are I suggest you get them. Below in the out of focus pic is a slaw that had nuts (pecans) and fruit. The dressing brought it together. These were set out on the table and I saw a few people getting another serving from empty seats. It was that good The main entree was a inch and half pork T-bone cooked to medium and just as tender, juicy, and flavorful a cut of meat that I have ever had. Sides were succotash, rice pilaf and a roll.
They were OK but the meat was divine. I love pork and have had many cuts but never this one and never cooked as perfectly as this one

Dessert was a Sysco summer favorite. It is a lemon mascarpone cake with berries. As wonderful as when I first tasted eight years ago. Light and refreshing

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