Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fausto's 173 N Hwy 171 Moss Bluff, LA 70611 (337) 855-2043

Another BB(Bargain Bee) voucher. I have eaten at both the Moss Bluff and Iowa Fausto's over the years. I normally get burgers and seafood up at MB and Robbie Vandcour marvelous plate lunch in Iowa. For the first time I got the chicken. It made me sorry I had not tried it before because it is great. Except for the spicy skin it is exactly like the fried chicken my sister used to make. I had lots of chicken growing up but Mama never fried any. My sister when her boys were growing up fried chicken for them. I occasionally got to eat some and loved the simple flour crust. That how it is at Fausto's except for the kick in the crust. I am about to eat the last of it for lunch today. I love cold fried chicken and I expect this to be great

To eat up the rest of the voucher so to speak I got a Cajun Burger to eat there. Not as nice as the one I had there several years ago. You see I have a pet peeve about Cajun Burgers. Most I have encounter load it up with jalapeno slices and declare it is Cajun. Wrong in my opinion. That make it a Tejano burger. Texas is known for jalapeno and Louisiana for cayennne pepper and maybe tabasco. Years ago the Cajun here had a cayenne pepper sauce relish sorta like a chow chow. It made for an excellent burger. Now they pile on the jalapeno and douse it with a cayenne pepper sauce. Makes for a very sloppy burger. The person who made the relish must have moved on and took the recipe. Now I grant you that LC is close enough to Texas that some Jalapeno flavor should creep in but not on a "Cajun" burger. Other than that is was delicious burger. The griddled bun had a sweet note that went well with the spiciness. The patty itself was thick and juicy and cheese a welcome addition.

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