Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fuji 3241 East Prien Lake Road (337) 480-3788

I have been neglectful of the blog. I had a full plate at work and had other things at the house. Also a form of writer's block. Hopefully that is done with. I have a stack of unfinished posts ie pictures but no words. I plan to knock them out ASAP

I had a Bargain Bee for here. I am using them as an excuse to visit old places. Below is the Seafood Soup (Mussel, Shrimp, Crabmeat & Vegetables). It was quite lovely and to tell you the truth the best thing I had there. Fragrant broth with everything cooked just right
My favorite thing to to start off. Sweet Shrimp (Ema Ebi). Not so nice this time. Both the shrimp body and fried head has a slightly fishy taste as if they had been kept around too long
Next came Chirashi Chef's Choice of Assorted Fresh Fish Over Sushi Rice. I hated this presentation. One of the reason I get this dish is that it usually has an abundance of rice. Not this way. Since when is the rice more pricey than the fish. Pretty but I am not into pretty.

Not likely I will be returning unless for a social obligation


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