Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Huddle Up

OUT AND ABOUT Huddle Up 1103 West Prien Lake Road Lake Charles LA 337-656-2905 Monday thru Sunday 11 AM to 12:00 AM $1 to $18 This site has some what of a curse on it since the departure of Bennigans. Based on my experience this establishment may be the one to break it. It is nothing more than what is says it is. The menu is small but selective. The space loaded with TVs and a nice selection of beer. Not only do they have domestic and foreign but regional craft beers. First round I went with Corn Fritters, Classic Burger and Fried Oreos. The fritters were quarter sized nuggets of what seemed to be creamed corn in a light batter. They tasted sweet and delicious. I think a spicier sauce other than the ranch dressing would suit them better but that is just my opinion. I added as is my wont cheese and bacon to the burger. The patty was moist and beefy and seasoned throughout. It also had a lovely char on it. Each bite of the burger gave me that classic profile that I desire and thank the gods the bun stayed intact. Curly fries come with it and for once I really enjoyed the fries, crispy. The cookies were in a nice crust and presented as warm and creamy chocolate disks. Next round was Onion Rings, Wings, and Chocolate Suicide. The rings were thick cut and beer battered. The remoulade sauce made a perfect dipping sauce. It had a little kick to offset the sweetness of the onions. I got a six piece order of wings with their Signature sauce. The wings were a perfect size and perfectly fried. Because they use no seasoning or batter the skin comes out very crisp and stays that way. The sweet and spicy Signature sauce they were tossed in proved fantastic. You get a crispy wing with tons of flavor perfect for munching on while watching a game. The dessert consisted of an individual chocolate bunt cake with the cake covered in chocolate icing with the hole also filled with the same chocolate icing. A chocolate syrup drizzle and dollops of whipped cream finish it off. I love chocolate and I loved this Final round I opted for Fried Mushrooms and Lasagna. The mushrooms were thick sliced portabellas in a nice crumb crust. The flavor, texture, and thickness of the mushroom lent the feel of eating chicken fried steak fingers. They were delicious especially with the ranch dressing. A large hunk of stacked noodles with sauce buried underneath a great sauce presented itself at the table. The chunky sauce with Italian sausage, onions, pepper, and tomato possessed a sweet undertone. That made it the perfect sauce for me. I am not a big southern Italian food fan but I could eat this on a regular basis. A full third of the menu is pasta and pizza. There is also a sandwich that is a combo of fried pork chop, grilled chicken breast and beef patty that I have my eye on. This is the kind of down home venue that any neighborhood would like to have. Huddle Up

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