Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Huddle Up 1103 W Prien Lake Lake Charles, LA 70601 (337) 656-2905

Bargain Bee time again. Even though I have just finished with them I noticed on Bargain Bee they had a website and a new menu. So I just had to buy it. First up is the fried chicken wing bone in with the Special Sauce. For some unknown reason the sauce did not make it to the new menu. But if you ask for it they have it and take it from me you want to ask. He has tinkered with it and it has more spice now. Almost a perfect balance.
Here it is in all its glory. The triple threat. Fried boneless pork chop, grilled chicken breast and one of their in house beef patties with curly fries. I love curly fries for some reason. These are good and I ate most of them
Here is it opened up. I added some pepperjack to spice it up. The bun was sturdy enough to last the whole time. You get three textures here. The crunch of the pork chop, the firmness of the chicken breast and the tenderness of the seasoned patty. Each has a separate flavor profile Not a lot of condiments which I think is for the best. It could do with some bacon as I think the smokiness would add a lot. It is a lot of sandwich and both the owner and server thought I could not handle but I downed it.
My favorite dessert in town. Fried Oreo Just four bites and your done. Creamy and chocolate.

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