Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Al's 3669 5th Avenue, Lake Charles, LA 70607 (337) 478-0818 ‎

I had not made a pass here for awhile but I had the envie for their fried chicken. When I pulled up I notice some menu additions and went with them. Below is the seafood combo. Catfish and shrimp. Both were well cooked and nice although I would have preferred separate batters. Both had a seasoned corn flour crust I have seen before. But as I said well cooked and delicious.
I always get the red beans and rice as a side. I do not know if they do it themselves or get a pre-fab product but it is always and creamy style like I love. I just wish they would change over from converted rice.

I am sorry to say the pecan pie had been hanging around for awhile and had turned rancid

I recently pass by and saw they were doing plate lunches. I will have to pull in and sample.

Big Al's

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