Monday, May 23, 2011

Street Breads

Street Breads
3475 Nelson Rd
Lake Charles LA

Monday thru Saturday 6 AM to 9:30 PM $1 to $7
Sunday 8 AM to 9:30 PM

I have held off on this review not because they are not good, they are. It is the fact that they are evolving as I type. This is a grade “A” top notch operation that would be successful in any city, large or small. A lot of thought was put into this. From the artisan breads sourced from all over the country to the inventive condiments call Sauce Toppers made every day from scratch. The same can be of the dressings. The Signature Sandwiches and Salads sing with some unusual combination of flavors. The Breakfast Sandwiches are no slouches either. Add to that you can designate your own bread and ingredients to build one that is truly yours. The breads come in a state called par-baked (frozen and partially baked finished off on site). They will sell you the bread so you can finish it off in your own oven, nothing to dislike about that. They also carry John Folse ice cream and yogurt for dessert, good stuff. I have not been in for a couple of weeks so no telling what they have come up with.

Here is what I had. For breakfast the Anytime Bacon on a rustic club with double bacon, oven fried egg and pepper jack cheese. Mine was tasty but dry. I should have taken the guy’s advise and add Cajun Remoulade. I also partook of the Southwest Frittata also on a rustic club with egg, sausage, cheddar, black beans, jalapeno, corn relish, chipotle sauce and salsa. There is nothing wrong with this one, tasty with a nice kick to it. Off the regular menu I tried the Argentinean Sierra Beef on ciabatta with roast beef, pepper jack, argula, red onion, chimichurri, texas caviar (black beans), grilled onions and peppers. The chimichurri made the sandwich sing of South America. For the vegetarians out there the Mediterranean Portabella is for you. On Foccacia they put roasted portabella, grilled eggplant and zucchini, feta, sun dried tomato and pesto hummus, romaine lettuce and olive tapenade, delicious and filled with sunny Mediterranean flavors. I made up a sandwich I call Aztecan Turkey. On a wheat sitrato roll I had turkey, pepper jack, chipotle sauce and corn relish put on by them. It turned out pretty good. Last but not least I got the Blue Apple salad with greens, blue cheese, granny smiths, cranberries, red onion, croutons and bacon with Apple Vinaigrette. I am not much of a salad person but this was great. There are a couple of salads I would not mine trying

Along the way I got recognized and received some lagniappe. If they have put the “lost bread” on the menu get it. Baked egg soaked challa can not be bad. I got to taste the slaws and potato salad, both good and made fresh daily. They also plied me with John Folse products. If this place was not across town I would probable be there more. However be fore warned it inhabits the strip mall south of the Wal Mart and behind Starbucks. Parking is scarce. I fully intend on getting a couple of the bread and will report back on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are going to have an Aztecan Quesadilla on the menu inspired by your sandwich creation. Thanks for the contribution. Street Breads.