Friday, May 27, 2011

KD's 240 W Prien Lake Rd (337) 479-2009

You have guessed it anther BB. Below is there gumbo. While I like mine a little darker this one great if not an overabundance of meat. To me the heart of a gumbo is the broth. Based on the gumbos I get at most restaurants everybody else thinks it is the meat.
The potato salad was way to dilly for me. Only ate a couple of bites. It seems as if they used the vinegar from the pickles as well. If you like dilly vinegary potato salad this place is for you.

This is their blackened shrimp. While covered with spice it had good flavor and was not overcooked. A big plus for me. I got hash browns because I don't really care for french fries and was not in the mood for baked potato. It worked well with the shrimp

The following is pre-fab but it the best 0f pre-fab desserts you can get from a broadliner especially. It has been around for at least 5 years because that was about the time I first tasted it. It is a lemon and berry cake with mascarpone icing and it is a delight. Get you a piece if you ever see it on a menu.
I don't often go here but when I do it seems have good food.
K D's

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