Friday, May 6, 2011

Siro's 920 West Pinhook Road Lafayette, LA 70503-2455 (337) 233-7476

I recently made a run to Lafayette. I was cashing in some BB's at a couple of meat markets. So I decided to hit another BB for lunch. Below is the Shrimp Salad- Our unique shrimp salad with mayo, lettuce, tomato. I got it on a croissant and also some potato soup. Nothing remarkable. Small shrimp in a rather bland dressing. The soup was bland also and had large chunks of potato which is not my style.

To eat up the full value of the coupon I also got Spinach & Lump Crab Quiche. Rather than a slice you get an individual portion fresh. I like that concept. They had just baked then so mine was piping hot. I prefer room temp as the cooling process seems to enhance the flavor in my opinion. However it was very tasty. Rich with the custard, sweet with the crab meat and a nice spinach tang

While I would not seek this restaurant out again, it would make a nice stop if you are shopping in the oil center and need a nice quick lunch. The service was friendly and the atmosphere nice in this hole in the wall tucked into this raised building on Pinhook


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