Sunday, February 21, 2010

Liz at Leonard's

I occasionally stop at Leonard's Food Quarters for one reason or other. The other is usually I have sweet tooth and the line of desserts provide by Liz can satisfy it. Some of the items had minor problems and I usually avoided them. However last run through they were out of my favorite so I went with some other stuff. To my delight the lady has stepped her game. Below is a sweet potato pie. I have always loved her sweet potato cake. This filling has the same flavor profile. I usually find the crust a little off. Not so this pie. A sweet crispy crust with no sog and a perfect foil for the slightly spicy (sweet spices) filling.

The strawberry cake always seemed undercooked and liquid in spots. However this one was cooked throughout while still leaving it a bit dense and super moist which I do not mind. The strawberry flavor stands out. I always thought a little tweaking would make them better and she has accomplished that in spades

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