Thursday, February 18, 2010


La Dolce Vita
Domenica Offers an Italian Feast for St. Joseph’s Day

Domenica is traveling back in time to embrace the very roots of the city’s cultural origins, offering an authentic four-course St. Joseph’s Day menu with a special dessert to celebrate the delicious Italian traditions of the holiday from March 12-19, 2010. Just as in the homes and churches of the city’s extensive Sicilian community, whose members pay homage to their patron saint by erecting altars of food, Domenica will be home to a feast of Artichoke, Fava Bean and Blood Orange Salad, Pasta Milanese, Seafood Brodetto, and a finale of Zeppole with Anise, Figs and Sweet Ricotta. Also known as a St. Joseph’s Day “cake”, zepolle is Italian sweet dough fried to perfection and brings a touch of the miraculous to all who eat it.

Legend has it that St. Joseph and the humble fava bean saved Sicilians from famine in the Middle Ages. To this day, Sicilians and those of Sicilian descent living in New Orleans pay homage to the saint by erecting altars in their homes on March 19 of each year. Recently opened in the historic Roosevelt Hotel, Domenica is dedicated to revitalizing the rich Italian traditions of the Crescent City through the authentic dishes available year-round.

Simone Rathle

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