Monday, February 22, 2010

Kettle Chips

Before the main entree here is an appetizer. I am a big coupon person. It is not just for economy although if I find something I like a coupon is not a bad thing. I also use them to try out new and/or unusual things. I think this counts. It is not rice cakes but rather nice chip made with brown rice and rice flour. The flavor makes it. A nice heat with a bit of sweet. I don't think I would purchase solo but if I had another coupon I probably would

I shopped at WalMarts so they did not have any really interesting flavors. However this one struck my fancy as I love onions especially sweets like Walla Walla and Texas 1015. These had a wonderful deep down onion flavor without the heat you sometimes get with the real deal. Again I compliment the flavor profiler at Kettle. I am slowly but surely getting addicted to these flavors. I will probably swing by Krogers on 12th to pick a bag of Buffalo Bleu this weekend. Look for the upcoming report. So far I am having more luck with these than the Cajun Singles

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