Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Roman Holyday

At Domenica, Chef Alon Shaya offers Passover Seder in the Roman style

He was born in Israel, trained at our country’s finest culinary school, and spent the better part of the past few years immersed in Italian culture. So the Passover Seder offered this year by Alon Shaya, Chef/Partner at Domenica, will be a feast reflecting the rich and ancient Jewish history of Rome, inspired by his recent explorations of the cuisine in Italy’s Jewish neighborhoods and restaurants – and the food itself will be nothing short of ‘miraculously’ good.

Running from March 30th to April 5th, and available at both lunch and dinner, Domenica’s Seder will be served family-style only, in the warm and inclusive spirit of the ritual feast, so full table participation is required. And what a feast! For the table, Sicilian Sea Salt Matzo and Charoset with figs, walnuts, and passito. The zuppe is Matzo Ball Soup “wedding style” – with escarole and cannellini beans; and the fish course to follow is “Gefilte Fish” – olive oil poached Branzino, to be exact, with artichoke and bitter herb salad. Next comes the carne, Roasted Lamb Loin with honey glazed root vegetables, pine nut and mint gremolata; and for a sweet finish, Matzo Beignets with stewed berries and orange blossom zabaione.

The full meal is $40 per person, and the cocktails that Shaya has laughingly dubbed “Manischewitz Mint Jew-leps” are an additional $8. To the traditional julep components of muddled mint leaves, sugar, and Makers Mark is added a splash of Manischewitz Concord Grape and elements of lemon. Come celebrate Passover in Roman style -- at Domenica, where every day is a holiday.

Domenica 504 648.6020 123 Baronne Street New Orleans, LA 70112

Courtesy of Simone Rathle

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