Friday, February 12, 2010

Fausto's (Iowa)

I am sure you have noticed the Faustos varies somewhat from restaurant to restaurant. When you acquire one you go and learn how to fry chicken from Mr Fausto himself. If you are of an ambitious bent you add other items to the menu with his approval. Such is the case with Brian Vandecour who owns the Iowa location. His main addition is the plate lunches served Monday to Friday. He cooks these himself using the skills and techniques that were taught to him by his mother who recently passed (God rest her soul). That means you can get tasty Southwest La cooking and a substantial amount of it. That is because Brian realizes that the working men of the area need a hearty meal to keep them going. This Friday he had fried catfish fillet atop a catfish courtbouillon with enough catfish in it that you basically got a whole fish. With a side of killer lima beans I rolled out full up past my head. The fried fish was perfectly crusty, non-greasy, and moist. The court bouillon spiced to perfection with moist flaky fish chunks and the lima beans seasoned just right. In fact I told him he could have brought just that out and some cornbread and I would have been a happy camper. Well worth the ten minute drive from my house.

Nelson Winn who worked with Brian's mother for awhile now provides the pies for the restaurant. Nelson also comes to the Farmer's Market here. I find his products to be consistly underbaked for my taste and this little pie was no exception

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