Friday, November 7, 2008

Wal Mart Grocery Shopping Nixed

I was so mad I could have eaten nails and spit out white hot brads. You could have fried a full breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns and a new york strip steak on my forehead) five times over. I had just spent a little under 2 hours finding items to match my coupons. The newspaper inserts pages mostly contain useless (to me) mail in stuff and few coupons I want. Most of my grocery coupons are from the Internet. I get to checkout and put all my stuff on the rolling strip and get told " We don't do these coupons" Not the first time I've heard from these people. She goes and gets what I assume is a manager to tell me I can not use them. I tell her "If you don't want my coupons I don't want or need to shop here ever again". Then I ride off leaving them close to $150 in groceries to restock with at least 35% frozen items. Bad mistake on their part. I am sure other coupon people are doing the same.


Anonymous said...

So, you were the one that made me restock those items. Please inquire upon entering the next store you pinch.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Blame your manager or corporate. I would have gladly payed and taken the groceries if they would have honored my coupons.

Taniya said...

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