Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leronard's Food Quarters

It has been a long stressful day that started with an incident that left me slightly battered and sore. I was hungry, stressed, and sore enough not to want to crutch into someplace. Luckily I have three viable options with drive thrus, none of which are fast food. I went for the one that has the comfort food I desired. Below is smothered steak with corn and garlic bread. The steak is not the traditional 7 steak but like high quality beef tips. What ever it was it was cooked to fall apart tenderness with a rich gravy and real (thank god) rice. The smothered corn was sweet and spicy with bell pepper. The garlic bread very garlicky. Hit the bulls eye.

This is a new addition to this establishment. Lisa's Desserts. This one was a sweet potato pie. The crust was very short and the filling had a great balance of warm spices with an outstandingly smooth super sweet potato taste. It time for me to crash to face tomorrow. My boss is out of town and it always seems to fall apart when he is gone.

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