Monday, November 3, 2008

Chuckwagon BBQ

A favorite of mine has moved to a more accessible place. They use to be way down Sam Houston Jones in Moss Bluff now they are at the Bronco Filling Station directly on 171 just past the new L shaped strip malls on the west side of the road. They have the best BBQ in the area. My conversation with Eric got me hungry for BBQ. I went to the old place first to encounter "we have moved sign". Soback to the highway and up it for a triple combo. Their sauce is different. Thin, sweet, spicy and served warm. I would rather have it room temp but having a sweet tooth I really like it.

I got sliced brisket, leg quarter and sausage. The brisket features an excellent smoke ring and so tender you cannot pick it up with the plastic fork without it falling apart. The chicken was smoked throughout and moist. The skin was inedible although a nice color. This leads me to believe that pecan wood is a component in his smoking. I have seen this happen to chicken skin when pecan wood is used. The sausage kinda sorta reminded me of hot links. It is snappy, greasy and full of red pepper. Not a bad thing in a BBQ sausage especially on white bread. The side of beans and potato salad were really good. This kinda puts pay to my corollary about BBQ joints. If the meat is good the sides suck and vice versa.

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