Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pho Tien

As I told you before you will be seeing this place often. Below is the standard rice paper roll of shrimp and pork with rice noddles and leafy greens. Along side the peanut sauce. I did various things as I went through the rolls. Adding fish sauce, hoisin, sriracha ending up with a very spicy dipping sauce

I had ordered one of my favorites here. Clay pot catfish. However now it come out in a steel "claypot". Same taste and flavor. Catfish pieces braised in a soy based sauce with jalapeno slices.. I miss the sand cast pots but I assume they were expensive and have gotten broken since they introduced this dish. What I do like even it is plastic is the rice bowl, For me this is the way I like to eat rice with an oriental meal. You can put the protein on top and take some rice and the protein with the chop sticks. If there is a sauce you can drip it on the rice. Also this is practically the only place were I eat all my salad. I especially like the pickled carrot and daikon

Here is a closer shot of the catfish. The sauce and flavor is through out. Truly delicious

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